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On the webpages of the Chinchillaburg you will find lots of information about the pet chinchilla. But there is more: We also offer articles about the wild chinchillas which are threatened with extintion in their natural habitat and about the endangered species protection project ChinCamayoq. Furthermore we fit you with news and facts worth knowing. And do not forget to visit our comic site where Chincula and the Vampirillas are waiting for you.
Please be patient since the Chinchillaburg will be under construction until the end of June. Meanwhile we present you some basic information.

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This is what you can find on our web sites:

Facts worth knowing
From wild chinchilla to how to build a cage, here are the themes in which all chinchilla fans are interested in.

Learn more about the endangered species protection project ChinCamayoq.

Enjoy the adventures of Chincula and the Vampirillas in Chinculand.

Travel information
All about traveling to South America  for those who would like to visit the home of their furry monsters.

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